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The government of Russia, the most Smoking countries of the world, has approved the draft Federal law “On health protection of the population from the ambient tobacco smoke and consequences of tobacco consumption.” It provides for a complete ban on Smoking in public places, as well as enhanced antinicotine propaganda in educational institutions.

According to experts of the Russian Ministry of health, after introduction of act will be forbidden to smoke, not only in educational institutions, but in the urban and suburban transport, railway stations, airports, metro stations, in the territories and in areas of culture, sports, social services, government agencies, playgrounds and beaches. And since July 1, 2014 - in places where they provide medical and resort services, trains, airplanes, hotels, markets and shops.

A ban on tobacco Smoking in public places introduced in more than 140 countries. The effectiveness of its action is confirmed by the studies conducted in Europe and North America. Incidence of cases of myocardial infarction has almost halved. In Russia, according to the RF Public chamber, 40 percent of deaths of men and 20 percent of women of working age occur due to tobacco.  

The reverse side of the law saw the Ministry of economic development, which criticized the anti-tobacco project. According to the Ministry, a comprehensive ban on advertising of cigarettes will lead to the closure of 175 thousand trade outlets and reduce the number of jobs, and the Russians will start to buy cigarettes for the future and to smoke even more actively.

In any case, the new law promises the increased load of educators. They have the education to the children about the dangers of tobacco. When preparing, retraining and raising of qualification of workers in training programs will be introduced to the sections about the harmful effects of passive Smoking and descriptions of the troubles arising from tobacco use. 

Author: Valery Odintsova 

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