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As transfers ITAR-TASS, the state program on «Development of health» was approved on the meeting of the government of the Russian Federation with the condition of the modernization scenario. This means that its revision within seeking additional financing will be held in 2013-2014.

«Given the nature of 2013, of course, and yearly periods under three years of adjustment is possible, but to configure nadon on budget, and on the modernization scenario, it is basic, commented on the decision of the government Veronika Skvortsova. - The quintessence of the differences in these scenarios is that by 2020, the difference in the number of saving lives up to 1 million 100 thousand people, and this is the advantage of the modernization scenario». The Minister explained that the big financial opportunities will improve the quality of medical care, promote innovation and lucratorului component.

Sources of additional funding in 2013-2014 will be looking for the three agencies: Ministry of health, the Ministry of Finance and Ministry of economic development. According to Veronika Skvortsova, they all have experience of fruitful cooperation with each other and appreciate the work of their colleagues. « The Ministry of Finance is the insurer of the state and, through it, even if there will be any rapid scenario, we stand», - the Minister assured.

Author: Ksenia Volkonskaya 

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